Wait, Ji-Hyeok Has a Fiance? Meet Oh Yu-Ra in Marry My Husband

Oh Yu-Ra: BoA as Oh Yu-Ra in Marry My Husband

Marry My Husband is now on its 11th episode. In this episode, Park Min-Hwan (Lee Yi-Kyung) and Jeong Su-Min (Song Ha-Yoon) finally tie the knot! And we thought things were already starting to look great for Kang Ji-Won (Park Min-Young) and Yoo Ji-Hyeok’s (Na In-Woo) relationship, the show drops us a big dilemma: Ji-Hyeok’s fiance, Oh Yu-Ra (BoA).

She’s actually Ji-Hyeok’s bitter ex-fiance. And by the looks of things, she’s out for blood. Just how big of a villain is Oh Yu-Ra and what does she plan to do in the coming episodes? Here’s what we know right now. Skip if you haven’t watched Episode 11 yet!

Who is Oh Yu-Ra in Marry My Husband?

Oh Yu-Ra: BoA as Oh Yu-Ra in Marry My Husband
Image Credit: DK E&M

Oh Yu-Ra is Ji-Hyeok’s ex-fiance. She is the Vice President of Cloud Airlines, who also comes from a chaebol’s family.

In Episode 7 of Marry My Husband, there was a brief mention of Yu-Ra via U&K Group’s Chairman (aka Ji-Hyeok’s grandfather), Yoo Han-Il (Moon Sung-Geun). In their conversation, Ji-Hyeok asks his grandfather:

“Grandpa, you want me to marry Yu-Ra?”

The Chairman answers:

“How can I force you to make my wish come true? I know from the beginning that you and Yu-Ra had no feelings for each other. But there’s still a promise, right?”

Well, in Marry My Husband Episode 11, the audience finally sees Yu-Ra as she arrives unannounced outside of Ji-Hyeok’s apartment complex. She sees Ji-Hyeok and Ji-Won holding hands (but props to Ji-Hyeok for not letting Ji-Won’s hand go!) and introduces herself.

She tells Ji-Won:

“Hello. I’m Yu Ji-Hyeok’s fiance. Wait… ex-fiance, I guess? Since he called off the engagement. I didn’t know it was because he had a woman.”

This revelation shocks Ji-Won and is sure to bring lots of tears and confrontational scenes in the next episode.

Is Oh Yu-Ra in Marry My Husband Novel or Webtoon?

Oh Yu-Ra: BoA as Oh Yu-Ra in Marry My Husband
Image Credit: DK E&M

Oh Yu-Ra’s character is not in the webtoon. But she is in the novel.

It is said that Yu-Ra shared a childhood with Ji-Hyeok since they grew up as neighbors. All throughout the years, she had unreciprocated feelings toward Ji-Hyeok. It was also said that their mothers planned the two to get married when they were older.

Despite not reciprocating feelings toward her, Yu-Ra pressed on in the belief that she was the sole person meant for Ji-Hyeok. This leads her to start paying off Min-Hwan to stalk his ex-girlfriend and drive a wedge in the blossoming relationship between Ji-Hyeok and Ji-Won.

She is also said to have bullied Yoo Hee-Yeon (Choi Gyu-Ri), Ji-Hyeok’s sister when they were younger.

Who Plays Oh Yu-Ra?

Oh Yu-Ra: BoA as Oh Yu-Ra in Marry My Husband
Image Credit: DK E&M

The actress who plays Oh Yu-Ra in Marry My Husband is singer/actress BoA, who has long been called as the “Queen of K-pop.”

This Kdrama marks her return to TV shows after a seven-year hiatus. Her last Kdrama was Listen to Love, which came out in 2016. She later became a host for Produce 101 Season 2 and a coach for The Voice of Korea‘s Third Season.


How many episodes are there in Marry My Husband?

There are a total of 16 episodes of Marry My Husband. Each week, a couple of episodes get released with each ending on a cliffhanger. Each of these episodes lasts 60 minutes long. The finale will air on February 20, 2024.

When do new episodes of Marry My Husband come out?

Marry My Husband episodes are released at 10:50 PM (KST) every Monday and Tuesday on tvN and TVING in South Korea. Outside of South Korea, you can watch the show on Amazon Prime Video.