Is Authentique Korean Brand from Marry My Husband Real? 2 Stores to Buy Ji-Won’s Earrings

marry my husband authentique korean brand

Is Authentique Korean brand a real store? Marry My Husband is one of the top KDramas out right now. Ever since the show came out on January 1, 2024, it has consistently been topping charts.

Right now, Marry My Husband is on its ninth episode. The 10th episode will be released in just a few hours (or minutes). But for those who have been religiously watching the show, there is one important question we’d like to ask: is Authentique Korean brand from the Kdrama a real brand?

What is Authentique Korean Brand from Marry My Husband?

authentique korean brand marry my husband: Song Ha-yoon as Jung Soo-min
Image from: DK E&M

In Marry My Husband, we’ve seen the Authentique Korean brand advertised a few times. If you’ve been keeping watch of the show, you’ll recognize it as the store Kang Ji-won (Park Min-Young) visited when she knew that Jung Soo-Min (Song Ha-Yoon) gave her fake earrings on purpose.

As explained by Yoo Hee-Yeon (Choi Gyu-Ri), there are classifications of fake earrings. The genuine ones cost a lot of money so there are Class A, Class B, and bottom-of-the-line fakes. As it turned out, Soo-min gave Ji-won the obviously fake earrings to embarrass her. Meanwhile, she purchased Class A or Class B earrings to make it look like she could afford the real thing sold by Authentique.

Later, Hee-yeon lets Ji-won borrow her Authentique earrings to complete the latter’s outfit as she attended her high school reunion. This surprised Soo-min, who was then exposed for wearing fakes.

In addition to this, the Authentique brand has been seen in a few other times. Yoo Ji-Hyeok (Na In-Woo) also bought a necklace from an airline brochure featuring Authentique’s product. He planned to give this to Ji-won in episode nine but hesitated.

Is Authentique a Real Brand in Korea?

authentique korean brand marry my husband
Image from: DK E&M

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find a real Authentique Korean brand that sells jewelry. Instead, we found a link to a website of the same brand selling anti-wrinkle creams.

It’s possible that an Authentique Korean brand exists, but it doesn’t seem to have any presence online. Another possibility is that the brand is made up exactly for the KDrama and the jewelry are simply props for the show.

Where to Get Ji-Won’s Authentique Earrings from Marry My Husband

Image from KMerchStore

We were right. The brand “Authentique” is not real and was simply made for the KDrama series.

Thanks to the careful digging of a TikTok user, she found that the store that made the earrings for the KDrama is called SYLK.


Replying to i found the earrings but couldn’t really find any info regarding Authentique as a store/brand #kdrama #marrymyhusband #parkminyoung #nainwoo #kdramafan

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The trademark earrings used in the series were created specifically for the show. SYLK explains:

“In the drama ‘Marry My Husband’, Sumin tried to embarrass Jiwon at the class reunion by giving her fake earrings as a gift, but Jiwon took revenge by appearing wearing real earrings. These earrings were created for this scene, inspired by the symbol of the brand ‘Otantique’ in the drama, interpreted as a ribbon silhouette, set in pavĂ©, and finished with high-quality plating on silver material.”

The earrings were said to be inspired by the “Otangtique” symbol, which SYLK interpreted with ribbon silhouettes carrying 122 diamonds in them. The gold used is also 14K quality, which explains why the price of the earrings is around $2,854.27.

The good news is that you can purchase the earrings for yourself (hey, if you’ve got that much cash, go for it!). But SYLK explains that they changed it a bit and does not look exactly the same as the one Ji-Won wore in Marry My Husband. But they “upgraded to a more luxurious feeling by reducing size and weight and adding details.”

What’s even better is that the earrings are now sold in different colors, such as white gold and rose gold. You can also get a necklace version.

If you’re interested, you can click on this link to view the product.

Interestingly, there’s another store that sells the same abstract earrings that were “seen on Rachel Park in the KDrama series.” This one costs significantly less (only $29) but is made from 925 Sterling Silver, brass, and Cubic Zirconia instead of real diamonds.

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How many episodes of Marry My Husband will there be?

There are a total of 16 episodes of Marry My Husband. Each week, a couple of episodes get released with each ending on a cliffhanger. Each of these episodes lasts 60 minutes long. The finale will air on February 20, 2024.

When do new episodes of Marry My Husband come out?

Marry My Husband episodes are released at 10:50 PM (KST) every Monday and Tuesday on tvN and TVING in South Korea. Outside of South Korea, you can watch the show on Amazon Prime Video.