Who is A Shop for Killers Pasin? Get to Know the Actor Behind the Role

A Shop for Killers Pasin: Kim Min as Pasin in A Shop for Killers

In A Shop for Killers, loyalty gets tested. While we see many of Jeong Jin-Man’s (Lee Dong-Wook) previous allies turn against him, only a few have remained by his side through the years. One of them is A Shop for Killers‘ Pasin, one of the main characters of the action series.

But who is Pasin? If you’re just starting to watch the Kdrama, make sure to skip this explainer article for now as it may contain spoilers.

Who is A Shop for Killers Pasin? Is He Really Thai?

A Shop for Killers Pasin: Kim Min as Pasin in A Shop for Killers
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We first meet Pasin in the series when he helps Jeong Jin-Min intimidate a guy who is trying to make a move on Jeong Ji-An (Kim Hye-Jun). Later, we see Ji-An approaching Pasin to teach her Muay Thai so she can beat her uncle.

Pasin agrees to help her in the condition that she pays for the lessons with her paycheck. At first, Ji-An hesitates since she doesn’t have the money that Pasin is asking for. When she tells her she only earns a certain amount, he agrees to help her out.

Over the next few months, Ji-An starts to train with Pasin. He teaches her how to protect herself with Muay Thai. Although Pasin doesn’t really look intimidating, the way he fights tells a different story. And as we later learn in the series, Pasin was one of Jin-Man’s former allies when they were mercenaries. When they left to pursue a quiet and peaceful life, Pasin decided to open a restaurant so other Thai migrants could enjoy his food.

When Ji-An finishes her lessons with Pasin, he suddenly goes missing… along with the rest of the money he borrowed from his migrant customers. He leaves behind a Mongkon to Ji-An. This is a type of headgear that Muay Thai athletes traditionally wear. The trainers usually gift this to their students when they see that they have learned a lot about Muay Thai and have become experienced fighters.

Although the reason for Pasin’s disappearance has not yet been disclosed, Episode 5 Babylon reveals that Jin-Man gives Pasin a final call before heading to his “supposed” suicide. He tells Pasin not to pay him back anymore. This could have been a secret code for him to return since something big was about to happen.

True enough, the ending of Episode 6 Jeong Jin-Man shows Pasin returning just in time to help Ji-An.

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Who is Kim Min? Where Have You’ve Seen Him Before

A Shop for Killers Pasin: Kim Min as Pasin in A Shop for Killers
Image credit: Merrychristmas | Project Onion

So who is the actor who plays Pasin? Is he really Thai?

The actor behind the role is Kim Min, a Korean who has been in a few Kdramas and movies. So he’s not really Thai but he sure plays his role as A Shop for Killers‘ Pasin really well.

Aside from A Shop for Killers, Kim Min starred in Song of the Bandits (as Jin-San), Black Knight (as Joo Gyeong-Nam), and Big Bet (as John). IMDb also credits him for being in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny.

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How many episodes are there in A Shop for Killers?

There are a total of eight episodes in A Shop for Killers.

When do new episodes of A Shop for Killers come out?

You can watch all eight episodes of A Shop for Killers on Disney+.